Level 2 Surf Course

    Adult 4 x 2.5 Hr Surf Lessons $200 per person

    Adult 5 x 2.5 Hr Surf Lessons $250 per person

    Our more advanced Level 2 Surf Course is designed for those who have completed level 1, and want to keep on shredding!

    We offer the opportunity for you to surf on our Rip Curl fibreglass surfboards, and you will be amazed at how far your surfing progresses. Level 2 Surf Course is valid for 4 months from the date of purchase. The Level 2 Surf Course is extremely flexible—you pick and choose the days and times that you want to do your lessons (subject to availability).  Once a week, once a month, 4 or 5 days in a row, it’s completely up to you!

    Level 2 Course Outline:

    • Intermediate wave negotiation. We will choose a fiberglass board that suits your level from our huge selection of boards, and then get you surfing consistently on it.
    • Learn how to read surf, wind and weather conditions. We will work on your turning, speed and control of the fiberglass boards.
    • We will teach you about the rules and etiquette for when you are in the surf zone, plus we will give you tips on how to keep fit for surfing! We will also show you how to paddle through broken waves.
    • Catch your first green waves! We will teach you ‘turtle rolls’ through broken waves and how to turn the board when you are sitting and paddling.
    • Now you are ready to surf ‘out the back’. We wll teach you personal safety and show you how to take off left and right.
    What we provide
    • 4 or 5  x 2.5 Hour Beginner/ Intermediate – Lessons
    • Four Months to use your Surf Lessons
    • Flexible Lesson – days and times (bookings Essential)
    • Use of our Rip Curl Fibreglass/ Epoxy Surfboards
    • We have many surfboards to pick from!
    • Learn how to surf ‘Green Waves’
    • Surf Safety & Ocean Awareness
    • Instruction from a local accredited Surf Coach

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